Unique lake
Scientists have found a planet 117 million lakes: the Most unique among them is multi-colored, salty and deadly The total length of the banks of water bodies on the planet…

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The Most dangerous lake in Kiev: where and why one should not swim
  It is better not to swim: the Most dangerous lakes in the world There is little that can be as fresh and calming than clear water surface of the…

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Recreation White lake


Recreation “White lake” can accommodate 150 people. Guests – double and triple comfortable rooms, a dining room, bar, library, boat station, sports equipment rental, a summer dance pavilion, billiard room, sauna, swimming pool, sports ground, guarded Parking lot. Entertainment and sports activities for children and adults, parties, trips and excursions nicely diversify your leisure.

A balanced diet, favorable climatic conditions promote good health, cleanse the body from many harmful substances, improving the functioning of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems, stabilization of metabolic processes.

At the recreation center “White lake” includes a cosy dining room for 200 seats.

We offer the following services: organization and holding of corporate events, weddings, banquets, anniversaries, Proms.

Rental services:

In summer, guests can hire:

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Kulunda lake


Lake Kulunda is called “Altai sea” and it really is the largest lake of the Altai region. When you stand on the shore, the other shore is not visible.

All lakes of the Kulunda lowlands are the remains of an ancient sea that existed in place of plains. The largest lake in the region – Kulunda.

The lake shore is flat, low-lying, which merges with a flat surface of Kulunda. Lake Kulunda shallow, fed by the river Kulunda and groundwater. To the South of Kulunda is Kuchukskoye the lake. Regime and diet it is similar to Kulunda. These lakes were connected by a channel, now it is blocked by a dam.

Lake Kulunda is located 64 km East from the town of Slavgorod. The diameter of the lake is about 35 km from The biggest lake of Altai (740 sq km) and at the same time, is a shallow (maximum depth 4.9 m).

Even more than the sea gives its salinity. Although the Altai has and more salt lake, for example: in Kulunda lake water salinity of 43 g/l, and in Big Spring: 160 g/L. But still, thanks to its scale – this is the Sea.

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PT. Golubitskaya, Krasnodarskiy Kray, Russia – “Wonderful stay for a modest budget”


Advantages: cheap to relax, the sea is warm, Shelly sand, warm sea

The village Golubitsky my husband (then fiance))) visited in August. The sea of Azov was chosen based on our limited student budget. Then three days in a stuffy train and accommodation in a Lodge with facilities on the street still seemed very romantic.

Accommodations found through the Internet, looked at photos, got on the phone with a nice lady and booked a little house for 300r. per day per person. The housing was 100 metres from the sea, first line after all))

There is a Park with attractions that will appeal to both adults and children. Also, there are many cafes where you can just sit, and dance, and have fun. In one of the cafes we loved the kebab in a pita, so in the evenings we organized such dinners with local wine and talking in quiet southern nights

Once we lived in the hotel, they had to cook meals themselves in the shared kitchen, the food went in the morning to the market in the nearest town Temryuk. From there he did all his travel, for example, a couple of times went to Anapa, a holiday nakupalis in two seas – Black and Azov. The distance to Anapa is about 60 km away, Continue reading