The Most dangerous lake in Kiev: where and why one should not swim
  It is better not to swim: the Most dangerous lakes in the world There is little that can be as fresh and calming than clear water surface of the…

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The Most dangerous lake on the planet
  The scenic lake Kivu, which is on the border between the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Rwanda, attracted the attention of scientists from all over the world, but…

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The Lake Cheo LAN


Our journey to the national Park Khao SOK began with a visit to the observation deck and gorgeous view of lake Cheo LAN . the Ratchaprapa dam and hydroelectric power plant.

Lake Cheo LAN in a national Park Khao SOK.

The first desire, which arises at the sight of such beauty, ride on a long tail boat (longtail) on the lake. You need to rent. All the boats concentrated on the pier. Before him stands the building where hangs a detailed map of lake Cheo LAN . the major interesting places and the cost of the trip, which will depend on the duration and distance travelled.

Map of lake with notes.

We must not forget that at the entrance to the national Park Khao SOK . you must pay 200 baht (per person) for entrance. With this amount we took when we decided on the route around the lake and the length of travel time.

The cost of different routes on the lake.

The map shows the caves . one of which is inhabited by bats, and the most picturesque places on the lake. I read that the visit to the caves is an event unsafe . since the lake has already happened tragic episodes of the deaths of the tourists who swam in the cave, and the water came out and they could not. So the cave we decided to visit the beach not to go, and just admire Continue reading

France – Attractions of lake Geneva


Nature has generously endowed Switzerland, and not surprisingly the fact that the residents of this West-European countries differ extremely peaceful by nature and complaisance. After all, when you live among such beauty, something special begin to feel the value and meaning of human life. Not in vain in the vicinity of the most famous in Europe, of lake Geneva, they found peace of mind and were inspired by many artists of international renown.

Article Photos 21 Map

Here in different times were removed from the Madding crowd writers Vladimir Nabokov and Graham Greene, the stars of the big screen Charlie Chaplin and Audrey Hepburn, rock singer Freddie mercury and the musicians from the band Deep Purple. Indeed, in the azure waters of this, the second largest freshwater lake in Europe, which reflects capped with snow peaks Alpine peaks, it is impossible not to fall in love. Located on the very border between France and Switzerland, a large portion of the lake of Geneva belongs to the latter. It has a Crescent shape, stretching from West to East more than 70 kilometers and is divided into small and large lake. The Northern part of the lake . owned by the Swiss, famous for the extraordinary abundance of luxurious resorts that collectively make up the concept of “the Swiss Continue reading