How many lakes in Karelia?
Lakes is a true visiting card of the Republic. Only relatively large lakes – more than 60 thousand, but the exact number of lakes along with forest Lambada (the so-called…

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Plitvice lakes. National Park, Croatia
  Plitvice lakes national Park in Croatia. Its territory occupies almost 30 hectares and includes 16 large and many small lakes kaskaderskoy and 140 waterfalls, 20 caves and unique beech…

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The Most dangerous lake in Kiev: where and why one should not swim


It is better not to swim: the Most dangerous lakes in the world

There is little that can be as fresh and calming than clear water surface of the lake. Beautiful lakes fascinate you and attract you, while the thrill of diving in deep, calm water is incomparable to anything else in the world.

Where in Kiev you can and cannot swim

KSCA announced the verdict of the Metropolitan reservoirs.

Kyiv beaches: where to swim in August 2015

In connection with heat a list of beaches where swimming is permitted, is constantly changing. In Kiev closed for bathing beaches “Venice” and “Gold” in Hydropark. SES which constantly checks the condition of the water at the capital’s beaches, updated the list of places where you can stay in the sun. The prohibitions associated with water bodies found in Escherichia coli.

Traffic police named the most dangerous sections of tracks of the Krasnoyarsk region

Krasnoyarsk traffic police named the most dangerous sections of regional roads. The list was compiled on the basis of topographical analysis of road accidents.

The fights: the most dangerous zone in the Donbass

For the last day ATO forces lost four fighters.

The life of a sailor: what the pirates are the most dangerous and why Ukrainian products – best

Today begins a special project where you will learn about sea adventures.

Top 8 causes of accidents on Ukrainian roads and the most dangerous road

Over the last year the deaths on the Ukrainian roads decreased slightly, but still three times higher than the European indicators. Aife found out why Ukrainian motorists get into accidents, and what tracks in the country are the most dangerous.

Where in Kiev it is possible to swim and sunbathe: a list of all beaches

In the capital had confirmed 11 places for swimming and beaches for 15 guests.

Five anomalies Kiev: the place where most accidents occur

“Look” found the most dangerous places for drivers.

Where in Ukraine the most dangerous and safe roads

The best road safety in the Western regions, worst – in Northern.

What are the beaches in Kiev you can not swim

In the water found E. coli.

After the earthquake in Nepal appeared dangerous lake

Newly formed ponds can breach the levees and flood towns.

Kiev banned swimming at 11 beaches: list

The results of laboratory studies of water samples from public beaches, public health services forbade them to swim.

What the Kiev beaches you can swim?

The Kyiv city state administration (KCSA) has published a list of beaches where you can swim.

Where in Kiev today, no Parking (street directory)

In the city – a football match.

The KSCA In Kiev, beaches and recreation areas prepared for Baptism

In the capital was forbidden to swim at eight beaches (list)

Water found in E. coli.

Doctors have called the most harmful products

In the list of dangerous products, among other things, included cakes and mayonnaise.

What are the poisons most dangerous to humans

We do not even realize how often the poisons found in everyday life. That’s the worst.

Named the most dangerous cars

The leader of the rating became the Japanese model.