Volcanic lake Yak Scrap
  Jack Scrap (Yeak Laom) is a volcanic lake, which is one of the most interesting tourist attractions in Cambodia. Also this place is the most beautiful in the whole…

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Colored lake in China
  Amazing Chinese five flowers lake size is quite small, but it is considered the soul of Jiuzhaigou nature reserve. Jiuzhaigou is an amazingly beautiful place. Autumn here is especially…

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The Presentation of the Unique properties of Water

As the person uses the properties of water. Such documents. Water is a special component of the Earth. The fractality of the structure of drinking water and its main properties. Water in the human body.

There is no matter more important to us than ordinary water, and at the same time, there is no Unique property of water is very important for living organisms, is manifested in a unique, Educational presentations. Presentation. Kolevatykh Ivan and Vladimir Alexeev. Role of water water: the phase Diagram of water unique properties of water. Chart. Presentation on theme: Water is the Most amazing stuff Some unique properties of water. Water is the only substance present V. Presentation lists a variety of useful properties of water. The purpose of this lesson is to give answers to questions about why water is so, what benefits it.

Continuous learning — the key to the development of the human brain. Bottled and carbonated drinking water. Quality criteria for water use. The problem of water pollution. The amount of water in the Universe, hydrogen and oxygen – basic elements for its formation. The structure of the water molecule and its unique properties.

The structure of the water molecule and its unique properties. The scarcity of fresh water on the planet, the consequences of ocean pollution. presentation 3.

Contents: the Unique properties of water. The only substance to temperature in a winter pond. Slide 10, Presentation.

The multimedia presentation enhances motivation for learning, creates the study of the chemical properties of water are offered in poetic form – this allows the theme of the lesson: Water. Unique and inimitable.

The scarcity of fresh water on the planet, the consequences of ocean pollution. Clean water as a priority problem of mankind of the XXI century. Water, its structure and value in human life, functions, parameters, methods of preparation, basic properties and sanitary-hygienic requirements. The concept and essence of “information storage” of water.

The problem of water quality. Study of the influence of drinking water on morbidity of the population. The main sources of environmental pollution. Methods of disinfection of waste and drinking water.

The history of the hydropathic method. The importance of water to human health. Physiologic-hygienic and epidemiological significance of water; water use rate. Diseases associated with biological quality and chemical composition of water.

The conditions necessary for the emergence of the epidemic. State water quality standards. The role of water in human life, its physical and chemical properties. Forms of existence of water on our planet (liquid, gaseous, solid, crystals). Kinds of water in nature (rain, soil, fresh snow, etc. Unique lakes and ponds.

Water from surface or groundwater sources for drinking water in many countries of the world. The pollution of water sources with oil products and chemical admixtures. Technologies for cleaning water and soil from oil spills, oil products, chemicals. The role of water in human life.

Study of the quality of tap water in the village of Ust, the sources of pollution. The results of the study water samples. The effect of chemical impurities in water on human health. Solutions to the environmental problems.

practical work. The features of the composition and pollution of natural water. Requirements for drinking water, which must be safe in epidemic and radiation terms, are harmless by their chemical composition and have favorable organoleptic properties. Methods of water purification. Sanitary control of water quality in the Russian Federation and hygienic standards for drinking water.

Organoleptic characteristics: transparency, color, taste, smell and temperature. Physical and chemical properties of water, its bacteriological indicators. Water, the habitat of the animals. The physical properties of water. The water content of various organisms and their organs. The concept of climax forest: definition, internal and external structures, connection to ecotopia.

Mathematical modeling in ecology. reference work. Groundwater as part of the geological environment. The practical value of groundwater. Characteristics of anthropogenic impact on groundwater (groundwater pollution).

Water in industry, protection of drinking water sources from pollution. A study of the goals and objectives of the world water day and water resources. Attract the attention of all humanity to the issues of development and conservation of water resources. Physical properties and interesting facts about water. The deficit of fresh water in the world.

Water as the most important factor in the formation of the internal environment of the body. General description of the key factors that determine the appearance of water infections. Consideration of the most promising absorbents for removing from water impurities and contaminants. coursework. The impact of water quality on population health. Types and causes of pollution of drinking water as a result of human activity. The influence on the water structure in the matrix of a biofield.

Features of energy-pollution of water areas. The main sources and chemical composition of fresh (potable) water; its quality is the accumulation of information in molecular “clusters”. Acquaintance with the way of clearing harmful frequencies. Dignity protium water, methods of its reception at home. The problem of drinking water: properties, disease related to its quality.

The value of environmental monitoring in conservation of natural complexes. Environmental monitoring of the river Psel: determining the degree of contamination of the reservoir, the transparency and color of water. coursework. Water in the atmosphere, on the surface and in the depths of the earth, its physical state: evaporation, condensation, and environmental cleanup. The dependence of the water cycle and its impact on this process.

Stages standard purification and disinfection of wastewater. coursework. Features of groundwater use and ways of its preparation. Sources of drinking water contamination with volatile chloro-organic compounds. Water pretreatment coagulation. Sorption water treatment. Diseases caused by contaminated water.

coursework. Physico-chemical properties of water. The main types of pollution and methods for their removal. The choice of location of treatment facilities and determining the required areas.

Electrophysical method for purification and disinfection of drinking water using nanotechnology.