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Lago-Naki lake

Lago-Naki is a mountainous area of Adygea (the Western Caucasus). Here are the Western glaciers of the Caucasus only a few transitions from the Black sea coast. In addition, they are one of the lowest glaciers in the Caucasus (Small Fishtinsky glacier goes down to 1980 m) and in Europe.

The plateau Lago-Naki, and also attracts skiers, because the snow stays here from October to April. Lagonaki plateau is part of the Caucasian biosphere reserve in the interfluve of the rivers Belaya and Psichi.

Many people not once a year travel to this wonderful country of green mountains, forests and meadows, dissolved in the blue sky among white clouds. On Lagonaki has a unique opportunity in a very short time of being in different climatic zones. In one day you can visit Alpine meadows and broadleaf forests, see mountain plains and majestic peaks covered with glaciers.

On plateau Lago-Naki tour represented a unique opportunity in a relatively small area to familiarize with the nature of the Great Caucasus. For one day can take several climatic zones – deciduous forests from the South to the high mountain forests and beautiful Alpine meadows, to see a variety of landscapes – canyons, high plains, many interesting caves, thundering waterfalls and streams, beautiful lakes, majestic mountain peaks, crowned venum glaciers not melting till the end of summer snow near blooming trees. The area surrounding the plateau Lagonaki, is known as a Botanical phenomenon, a unique place stands out among all the highlands of North-Western Caucasus the biggest concentration of endemic and relict plants.

On the Lago-Naki plateau forests. Here grow fir, spruce, pine, closer to the foot of a maple, Linden, beech, hornbeam, yew and boxwood. Above forests, Alpine meadows begin. They stretch a wide strip to sharp rocky peaks. Alternately they bloom all summer.

On the plateau Lago-Naki lively at any time of the year. It is also called the cradle of Cuban tourism . This is a popular place for outdoor enthusiasts. From here begin Hiking tourists, hold competitions, skiers, rock climbers. On the road to Lagonaki highland are equipped for visits caves: Lower and Big Azishskaya cave. After Azishskaya cave surrounded by mountains all the way stronger, getting cooler. The route makes a loop and up the serpentine to the valley Gutter.

In the plateau there are several cafes, in winter you can use lifts, ski rentals, snowboards and snowmobiles. The snow on the Lago-Naki plateau is maintained until June, so in recent years, the area of the Caucasus is becoming increasingly popular as a ski resort.

Lagonaki strikes the mind is beauty and greatness; types of ridges, passes, karst sinkholes, clear mountain rivers and waterfalls are breathtaking. Under you floating clouds and flying birds. At this moment truly understand how beautiful can be nature!

In early may, spring here is still just beginning and among emerald pastures are huge white patches of snow. Almost all of the plateau Lago-Naki plateau is composed of limestone, therefore, here, especially above the forest, you will see all the manifestations of karst processes – caves, funnels, carry. At the bottom, almost at the very bottom of the valley, one can distinguish groups of sinkholes, some of them filled with water. On the opposite slope of the valley is visible quite powerful source, located at the junction of limestone and insoluble clays, which stretches down from the silvery streak of a stream, which, before reaching the valley floor, disappears under a layer of insoluble rocks overlie the limestone and the water again goes underground. Millions of years ago, on the site of the Caucasus there was the Tethys ocean, and Lagonaki at the time was a coral reef, therefore, stones and rocks can be found traces of fossilized fishes, corals, algae. This giant collection of fossil nature. The Cretaceous and Jurassic periods has no analogues in the world.

At the entrance to Lago-Naki road comes close to the edge, where the attention of tourists attracted by the picturesque rocky ledge, covered with pine trees. This plateau iron — a popular place for training climbers. What a wonderful view opens from the Iron! How amazing combined gray, moss covered rocks, gnarled, twisted by the winds of pine and sky-green expanses of the foothills.

Under a rock cliff of the Iron, at a depth of 100 meters bear the rough waters of the river Kurdzhips. The sources of the river are nearby. It is the snowfields and springs in the highlands.