A Tour around the reserve Jasper
  The valley of the Athabasca river near the town of Jasper is much wider than the bow valley of Banff. Along the banks of numerous lakes that dot the…

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Drivyaty lake
Drivyaty is the biggest lake of Braslav and the fifth largest in Belarus. Lake 6 Islands with an area of 0.92 sq. km. are Found almost all fish species occurring…

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Shilin, the stone forest in China


The stone forest is situated 126 kilometres Southeast of Kunming in China and covers an area of 350 square kilometers

The stone forest is situated 126 kilometres Southeast of Kunming in China and covers an area of 350 square kilometers. Due to centuries of erosion and leaching of marine waters in the sea floor up hundreds of stone pillars, ravines and cracks. Here you can see a myriad of grotesque pinnacles, formed a kind of stone forest.

Shilin is divided into seven separate parts: large and small stone forests, Naigu stone forest, cave Giuni, Cuifeng cave, long lake, moon lake, the Da Dieshui falls. These formations, scientists believe, more than 270 million years.

This is the main attraction of the area of Kunming, every year there are the famous torch festival, attracting tens of thousands of tourists. They participate in traditional activities such as wrestling, bull fighting, pole climbing, playing the dragon, lion dance and Dance. At this time, the Stone Forest abounds particularly joyful, festive atmosphere

Once you get to the Stone Forest . you see the beautiful lake. On the Eastern shore of the lake you climb higher, you see a lot of fantastic stone pinnacles, pillars and stalactites. A little further a large formation in the shape of a squatting lion, located near the pond with the appropriate name – Pond lion.

Among the thousands of stone figures can feel like a whimsical Wonderland. Here you can turn on the imagination to imagine anything — the ancient fortresses, birds, animals, flowers, trees, people

In a small number of large stone forest of beautiful meadows, thickets of bamboo, trees and mountain flowers. It is also famous for stone flowers – “the Tower that supports the Sky” and “Singing stones”

About this place many legends, which are passed to the local people from generation to generation. Stone Forest, with its sculptures engraved by nature – a true miracle, a unique place on earth