The Amazing lake near Moscow Kosino
  Kosino, like most Metropolitan areas in the past was a village near Moscow. But is particularly famous landmark — 3 lakes with mysterious names Black, White and Holy. What…

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Lake Big Toko and Ridge Tokinsky
Title: the Great Toko Lake (Monument of nature of regional destination of Khabarovsk territory) Location: the lake is located on the territory Tokinsky tectonic depression. Situated in the Aldan highlands…

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Exotic Ethiopia


Ethiopia is an exotic, hospitable, but very poor country. Staying here is recommended, especially for fans.

Ethiopia is suitable, above all, lovers of exotic, stunning landscapes, outdoor activities and the sun. The season of rainfall common to tropical Africa, continues here, as a rule, only two months (July and August). Sometimes heavy rains fall in late February or early March. Small the average annual rainfall gives travel companies the full right to promise to all who wish to visit the country not twelve, and thirteen all the Sunny months of the year. It’s not a beautiful aphorism or a marketing ploy, but only the features of the national calendar. Start the clock ticking not from zero hours (midnight), and from the rising of the sun.

Unfortunately, the sun, whom enjoy visiting, is extremely harmful to the Ethiopian economy. Regular droughts have long been a serious problem for this agricultural country. Coupled with inefficient methods of agriculture and the peculiarities of the national mentality (which is well reflected in the local saying, sounding in translation into Russian approximately so: «Better to die from hunger than from work”) are obvious causes of hunger, which regularly affected the population. Due to the economic problems, the country does not have developed tourist infrastructure, and such ordinary and usual services, including Internet access and payment of goods and services by credit card is available only in the capital Addis Ababa (the name of the main city of the country is translated as “the flower”) and other major towns (dire Dawa, Gonder, Adama). Relatively good roads connect only the main attractions of the country. The poverty here is appalling, poetologische deservedly recognized by the world community one of the least economically developed countries in the world. From this we can conclude that the stay in the country will be cheap by any standards.

To determine natural features strangerso fit the word “contrast”. There is highland and lowland plateau, an extensive area is occupied by tropical Savannah, and in the North-East of the country is desert Dana keel. The richness of geography leads to the existence of diverse fauna. Landlocked stranne has, however, water resources can boast. The majestic waterfalls of the Blue Nile and the colorful lake Tana are the main local attractions. Created by the riot of African nature, they attract many tourists. From the creations of human hands, which are located in Ethiopia, not to mention the Imperial Palace, the Palace of Africa, famous for its stained glass market “Mercato” (reminding of the Italian presence in the country), art and archaeological museums.

Ethiopia – a country where a very strong tradition of Christianity. The local population is proud of his faith, which he considers the only proper and oldest in the world. Do not try to challenge this belief, because it is fraught with manifestation of open hostility to the doubters. In General, people designstarke and belong to the travelers as equals.

The country is famous for its coffee and is a leader in Africa for the production of the world famous varieties of the “Arabica”. However, the country has not declared a bean is strictly prohibited by local laws.