The Amazing lake near Moscow Kosino
  Kosino, like most Metropolitan areas in the past was a village near Moscow. But is particularly famous landmark — 3 lakes with mysterious names Black, White and Holy. What…

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Unique lake
Scientists have found a planet 117 million lakes: the Most unique among them is multi-colored, salty and deadly The total length of the banks of water bodies on the planet…

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The Lake Ritsa. Abkhazia


The pearl of Abkhazia – lake Riza . the most famous lake in the Caucasus. There are many legends and songs about the Ritz.

Local people have long been aware of the existence of the lake. In the eighteenth on the shores of lake settled down a gang of robbers….Here from time to time settled hermits.

In the late XIX – early XX century were organized various expeditions. Riza “wandering” on the map of the area. From 1930 on the Ritz began to develop tourism, to build the road.

Lake Ritsa has since been visited by millions of tourists. To get here is a dream of everyone. The lake beckons with beauty.

Ritsa highway S. Bzibt turns towards the mountains and the beautiful landscapes… And a magnificent, grandiose view of the lake. In the water mirror reflected the powerful snow-capped mountains and forests that cover their slopes.

Lake Ritsa is located in the territory of Ritsinsky relict national pairs¬ka in the basin of the river Bzyb river, in a deep wooded gorge of the rivers Lspci – Yupshara there, at an altitude of 950 m above sea level. The height of the mountains surrounding the lake, have a height of 2200-3200m M. At their peak is always snow. The lake is fed by five rivers. The lake area of 1.27 km2, length – about 2,5 km, width from 270 to 870 m. the Lake is very deep, elongated East-West form. The bottom topography is quite flat. Underwater slopes are very steep (up to 45-60°), but with a depth of 80 m, the slope of the bottom becomes negligible.

The temperature in the lake in the summer is +17° C, sometimes rising to +20 – +22°C. In winter the average temperature is +3,8° C. Riza freezes in cold winters. Almost all of its surface is covered with a layer of ice of a thickness of 1-5, see

Snow cover usually does not exceed 2-3 m, but in winter the snow can reach 7 to 11 m. the Aquatic vegetation in the lake is poorly developed, but in the usual depth of one of the trout species.

The color of the lake changes depending on the time of year. This is due to varying degrees of transparency flowing waters of rivers and development of phytoplankton algae in the pond. In spring and summer, dominates the green-yellow water, in autumn and in winter – cold blue. Most boil down to a mountain accident, which occurred about 250-300 years ago. There was a strong earthquake that caused the collapse of the grandiose mountains of Plegia, zabrodivshie flowing, forming a vast lake.

Along the shores of cozy cafes and restaurants,a hotel and a boarding house. You can hire a Pedalo, swim, have a picnic. For tourists there is a car Park, viewing platform and Souvenirs.