The End of the week: the Dangerous lakes and rivers
The End of the week: the Dangerous lakes and rivers, including Wi-Fi in the centre of the city and new routes night buses Now in some places in the city…

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Recreation White lake
  Recreation "White lake" can accommodate 150 people. Guests – double and triple comfortable rooms, a dining room, bar, library, boat station, sports equipment rental, a summer dance pavilion, billiard…

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The Lake Cheo LAN


Our journey to the national Park Khao SOK began with a visit to the observation deck and gorgeous view of lake Cheo LAN . the Ratchaprapa dam and hydroelectric power plant.

Lake Cheo LAN in a national Park Khao SOK.

The first desire, which arises at the sight of such beauty, ride on a long tail boat (longtail) on the lake. You need to rent. All the boats concentrated on the pier. Before him stands the building where hangs a detailed map of lake Cheo LAN . the major interesting places and the cost of the trip, which will depend on the duration and distance travelled.

Map of lake with notes.

We must not forget that at the entrance to the national Park Khao SOK . you must pay 200 baht (per person) for entrance. With this amount we took when we decided on the route around the lake and the length of travel time.

The cost of different routes on the lake.

The map shows the caves . one of which is inhabited by bats, and the most picturesque places on the lake. I read that the visit to the caves is an event unsafe . since the lake has already happened tragic episodes of the deaths of the tourists who swam in the cave, and the water came out and they could not. So the cave we decided to visit the beach not to go, and just admire the karst mountains from the water.

These treacherous caves.

Paid for the boat 2300 baht (including payment for entrance to the national Park), 3 hours of riding. We were offered a longer trip and more expensive, but we refused.

Went to the pier, where we sailed on the Explorer longtale. Immediately drew attention to the presence of life jackets . although the day was hot and Sunny, and I could not imagine that soon they will be very popular onboard.

We boarded the train, things were not all left in the car. With a camera, an iPad and a bottle of drinking water. The time has gone and our adventure began .

And ahead the mountains!

And mountain silhouettes.

On the boat, in the middle, was erected flimsy canopy . which is only slightly saved from the scorching sun. But as the motor in these boats works quite loud, then we immediately move on to the deck.