The Lake Cheo LAN
  Our journey to the national Park Khao SOK began with a visit to the observation deck and gorgeous view of lake Cheo LAN . the Ratchaprapa dam and hydroelectric…

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West lake (West Lake, Hangzhou, China)
It is located West of the historic center of Hangzhou; laid on him the dam and the island of Gushan divide it into five parts. In addition to naturally occurring…

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Baikal region, tours around the Baikal region


The breath of the sacred Baikal, dry steppe and Northern taiga, ancient deciduous forests. Geographical position in the centre of Eurasia, far from oceans, natural barriers for penetration of extraneous air masses in the form of largest mountain structures of the world, valleys of large rivers and mountainous terrain – all this Transbaikalia – unique territory of our country, and the world at large. Tours in Transbaikalia unforgettable. It’s impossible to leave and certainly want to return.

Kalarskogo volcanoes mountain range, stretches over 80 kilometers long, are the most wonderful creation of nature. Some of them went out recently – in just 2 thousand years ago, but by planetary standards, yet young volcanoes. Numerous shooting straight up jets of hot water containing nitrogen (94%), merging into a single stream, form Perelisky hot spring, not a freezing man in any frost. The largest lakes of Transbaikalia – of lake Barun-Torey and Zun-Torey, periodically filling and drying up on average every 30 years. Plan to stay in the region – all of a sudden you will find yourself a witness to this unique phenomenon of nature – drying out of lakes.

The accumulation of moving sand drift area of around 50 sq km, which form dunes, ridges and chains of dunes framed by pine-larch taiga and mountains – a unique phenomenon – Charsky Sands. Here on the dunes where grow the larch, and in the summer is ice on the sand.

Railway of the North-Muya tunnel with a length of 15 km – a unique creation of human hands. Laid in the permafrost and the abundance of groundwater, it has no analogues in the world. Pic BAM Kodari on the mountain, first conquered by a group of climbers from Chita in 1963, with a height of 3072 meters. complexity 2B, climbing are made annually, usually in summer. And indeed the Baikal-Amur mainline, which became the greatest construction project of the country, is impressive in its scope. Tour itineraries in Transbaikalia is invariably associated with this railway.

Geographical position. Transbaikalia close to the far East and far away in the capital region, but it occupies a pivotal position towards the countries of South-East Asia and the Pacific. On the territory of Transbaikalia are located Buryatia, Chita region and partly the Irkutsk region. Long and complex geological history of the area led to the formation of innumerable natural resources. Have long been discovered and developed coal fields and deposits of iron ore, titanium and gold. Serednovysoki mountains form the basis of the relief of Transbaikalia. Mountain ranges of the Khamar-Daban, Barguzin, Ulan-Burgasy, dzhidinskiy, Kodar, the North Muya, the South Muya and others alternating with intermountain valleys.

In Transbaikalia are the river-the origins of the Amur-Argun and Shilka. Lakes and rivers of the Chita region belong to the basin of lake Baikal, and the rivers Lena and Amur. Climate. Situated in the heart of the continent, remoteness from seas and oceans and a significant elevation above sea level provides a sharply-continental climate of Transbaikalia. Almost the whole territory belongs to the zone of insufficient humidity. Rainfall is uneven and irregular. Warm, sometimes hot summer lasts very long. Spring is dry, clear and short. But the harsh snowy winters with strong frosts (to minus 45 C) and sudden changes in temperature lasts Oh so long. What time of year you choose to holiday in Transbaikalia you? In any case, make sure season appropriate clothes and shoes, warm clothes and bring definitely.