Aegean coast
  Marmaris is located on a Peninsula and washed by the Aegean sea. Turkish Ibiza – exactly call this city the tourists and the locals. This is the best resort…

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The Lake from the West and from the East from the main Everest trekking
  Slightly away from the main trekking to base camp Everest are the most interesting and beautiful highland lakes: a chain of five lakes in the gokyo area in the…

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Ink lake is a natural wonder of Algeria, photo ink lake in Algeria


In Algeria there is a wonderful lake, which is completely filled with ink! It is located near the city of Sidi Bel Abbes. In this amazing waterfront there’s nothing living, there cannot be seen nor fish, nor any plants, because the ink is created by nature not suitable for life, solely for writing. Among scholars on account of the origin of the lake there were long disputes, and more recently, they have come to believe that this phenomenon is due to the composition of the two rivers that flow into the lake.

The fact that the waters of a river full of a great amount of iron dissolved in them, and in the waters of the other rivers contain a variety of organic compounds, are taken in the river valley peat bogs. When rivers join together during chemical reactions appear ink.

Because of this, unique content in the ink lake is completely absent flora and fauna, even swimming in it is prohibited, because it is very dangerous for health, and the process of laundering from the ink will take a long time.

The local population has its own legends about the origin of this wonderful lake. One of those places where there is a lake, walked the devil himself, to tempt people to sin and bought the souls of mortals. And the Treaty between mortals and the devil was signed with special ink that had the unfortunate property of “suck” from people’s health, and girls were deprived of not only health, but also for its beauty. However, it did not last long, and once the ink of the devil is over, and to fill a container of new ink, he drew the water of one of the lakes in them. And according to legend, anyone who will come to this lake forever will lose health and will remain cursed for the rest of your life. Because of the legends surrounding the ink of the lake he had many names, the most popular are: “Eye of the devil”, “Black lake” and “the Inkwell”.

Legend – a legend, and however, evaporation of the ink of the lake can harm the health, if you stay there permanently.

Modern inhabitants of the nearby cities, in spite of all the superstitions surrounding the ink of the lake, use natural inks for the manufacture of ink and pens that are constantly in use, so they sell them as Souvenirs. It is worth saying that the ink is very high quality.