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Kulunda lake


Lake Kulunda is called “Altai sea” and it really is the largest lake of the Altai region. When you stand on the shore, the other shore is not visible.

All lakes of the Kulunda lowlands are the remains of an ancient sea that existed in place of plains. The largest lake in the region – Kulunda.

The lake shore is flat, low-lying, which merges with a flat surface of Kulunda. Lake Kulunda shallow, fed by the river Kulunda and groundwater. To the South of Kulunda is Kuchukskoye the lake. Regime and diet it is similar to Kulunda. These lakes were connected by a channel, now it is blocked by a dam.

Lake Kulunda is located 64 km East from the town of Slavgorod. The diameter of the lake is about 35 km from The biggest lake of Altai (740 sq km) and at the same time, is a shallow (maximum depth 4.9 m).

Even more than the sea gives its salinity. Although the Altai has and more salt lake, for example: in Kulunda lake water salinity of 43 g/l, and in Big Spring: 160 g/L. But still, thanks to its scale – this is the Sea.

Many people come into the depths of the steppes to look at “Altai sea” – the largest in the Altai, Kulunda lake. square water area of 728 sq. km the Lake is shallow, averaging a 2.5 ZM, salted water and very warm (summer temperatures of +22 to 25).

Visitors to lake Kulunda break up encampments along the banks or are located two kilometers from lake village Znamenka.

Around the lake the typical steppe landscape, on the shores of the many comfortable sandy beaches. Here is a great place for swimming and boating on anything from boats to jet skis.

Have a good rest with children, open beach and shallow water provide security, warm water and sun bring pleasure.

In hot summer (the climate here is dry) from the surface of the lake, well warmed by the sun, evaporates a lot of water, and the surface area may decrease by more than 100 sq km, Evaporation is the only path through which water leaves the lake, since it does not follow a single stream, single stream.

The Kulunda lake occupies a reduced area, Central Kulunda basin (99 m above sea level). The catchment area of the lake, covering an area of internal drainage, more than 24 thousand square kilometers of the Lake does not dry up even in the driest years.

A significant amount of water to bring lake river Kulunda, Swetka and small streams flowing to its Eastern part. On the river: with some patience and luck you can catch perch and pickerel.

The lake shore is not the same everywhere. East coast is indented by many small bays with scattered sandy Islands. The West coast has a smooth, relaxed shape. Exposed sand banks are more numerous here than on the East coast.

On sandy beaches you can relax and sunbathe. Shallow water determines high, up to 26 °C, the temperature of the water.