Kulunda lake
  Lake Kulunda is called "Altai sea" and it really is the largest lake of the Altai region. When you stand on the shore, the other shore is not visible.…

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Volcanic lake Yak Scrap
  Jack Scrap (Yeak Laom) is a volcanic lake, which is one of the most interesting tourist attractions in Cambodia. Also this place is the most beautiful in the whole…

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The Lake from the West and from the East from the main Everest trekking


Slightly away from the main trekking to base camp Everest are the most interesting and beautiful highland lakes: a chain of five lakes in the gokyo area in the West from the main trekking; there is a small but crystal clear lakes under the pass Kammala in the East. With the increasing popularity and attendance of the main Everest trekking, more and more travelers prefer to travel to the base camp Everest not the shortest path from Lukla, and add to the thread of the route pass Cho La pass (Cho La pass) with a visit to the lakes in the area Gokyo (Gokyo).

This route in the guidebooks called Gokyo (Gokyo) track. But the most curious, indefatigable and hardy add a passage of another pass above 5500 meters – Kongma La (Kangma La). Description this pass I had found in popular guides, although on maps it is marked.

Needless to say – Alpine lakes amaze, captivate and are remembered for a long time, long time.

Gokyo Lake

Gokyo lake (Gokyo) is a chain of six mountain lakes. The first two lakes are on the path up to the village of Gokyo. The village formed exclusively from tourist hotels located on the shore of the largest, third lake.

Above the village rose the namesake peak – gokyo Ri (5357 metres) and in the morning all travelers strive to climb on it. to enjoy views of the surrounding mountain giants. In good weather, with gokyo Ri, views of Everest.

Some tourists prefer to stay in the tents at the fifth or sixth lake. Height, privacy, sandy beaches. Lake located at an altitude of 4700 to 5150 meters. Hike from Gokyo up to sixth lake and back resembles overcoming of the pass is very long and consists of many ascents and descents along the shore of the glacier at an elevation of about 5000 meters. Personally, I have this event, including the time to inspect the lakes and contemplative tomfoolery took about 8 hours. Unlike rocky shores of the first four lakes, fifth lake You will find beautiful sandy beaches. Can only envy the travelers who had the opportunity to stand here for a few days of camping. The altitude of almost 5000 meters, privacy, exotic smooth sandy beaches in the world stone moraines, cliffs, ice fields and dense low clouds.

The Ngozumpa Glacier

Then the path lies through the Ngozumpa glacier (Ngozumpa Glacier) to the pass of Cho La (Cho La). Cold lake, formed in the cracks and fissures of the glacier, look peculiar. The combination of snow, fine smooth sand, steep cleavages of ice, floating like little icebergs and ice floes of the opening from the plains of the glacier a mountain wall.

Lake pass Kongma La

Beautiful, but not frequently visited, high pass Kongma La (Kangma La). The heights Above 5500 meters (different sources indicate the height 5535 – 5545 meters) and it is often included in a trekking group going to island Peak for acclimatization prior. The route to this pass connects Chukhung (Chhukhung) – Kongma La – Lobuche (Lobuche ). Go in any direction. The pass itself is very bright, plain and deserted.

I pass blew the mood for a light holiday. The lake, located beneath the last of the saddle takeoff is a real gem – oval bowl with clean lines, filled with crystal clear water. It’s hard to resist not to sit on the lake and don’t relish to drink tea, slowly absorbing and retaining all the surrounding splendor.