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CEO of the resort Lake Shira in Khakassia chose extremely quickly


Concerns about undue election of the General Director of JSC “Resort “Lake Shira” was confirmed. This procedure was carried out extremely quickly, and now there are questions to its legality. Today, according to the news Agency “Khakassia”. the new leader already submitted the group.

As explained edition Nicholas Kunakov . which 5 December, the external control of the resort, the Director-General Mikhail Dmitriev. This man is one of the district administration – head of municipal property management, Shirinsky district.

Nicholas Kunakov very much doubted the legitimacy of such appointment. Recall, October 13, was dismissed the bankruptcy case of resort. Approved a settlement agreement that terminates the powers of the external Manager. However, since the cessation of proceedings on bankruptcy, an external administrator in carrying out the powers of the head, until the election (approval) of the new Director General.

Given that the resort is a public company, in accordance with the Charter of the company – the Director-General must appoint a Board of Directors. The Board of Directors at the resort are not educated, because he must be elected at the annual General meeting of shareholders, which was conducted in 2013. The procedure of holding the meeting of shareholders on the election of the Board of Directors is rather long and takes about two months.

To collect the shareholders to elect the Board of Directors and to select Director-General a few days – it’s something out of science fiction.

However, the new Director General appeared.

The resort, as reported on  that tidbit. and many, including the government of BC, have at it. Already there is information about a certain investor, who reportedly is not averse to launch generous hand in the pearl of Khakasia.

The organization, recall, several shareholders, among which the Federation of trade unions of Khakassia (they own the bulk of shares), the Independent trade unions of Russia (and to a lesser extent service), administration of Shirinsky area (less than 5% of shares) and others. The government of the Republic, by the way, there is no stock, but there was a clear appetite. Is it because so objectionable was a former Union leader Andrei Petrov, who replaced Fedor Gerasimov? On what conceivable changes was the government to remove him from his chair and plant his man – Love Barabanov. Has also repeatedly made statements about the need to change the owner of the resort.

Today, according to Nikolay Kunakova, the main creditor of the resort – JSC “APC “Druzhba” (one of shareholders – the trade unions Federation of the Republic of Khakasia).