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The Lake – Hunting


Plump, sounded like a woman after the third birth, significant and important. However, here, not far from the lake, rolled on a wide, rocky shallows, splashed. With some bad fun easy throws, throws stones at the boats, and laughing with, laughing mischievously.

And guys that pulled away from the boat, cling to slippery rocks, hardly go ashore fun rolling, and was horrified to see how Okunayka hides in the crease of their boat. Compacts all their belongings in glubochenko pit, under a huge pile of alluvial trees.

Roll this one, the last before the lake, and is called: Fun. And already Far behind him. Beautiful lake….

There is now a reserve. And at that time, the events of which, the story goes, the land belonged to the local surapranata. The lands were divided among hunters, and got there the sable, squirrel Yes. Sometimes the meat was cooking, but it is rare because of how difficult it is to get it out of the foothill areas, – only by helicopter. And it’s expensive.

Summer on the lake was a team – fished. The fish is far to valuable, mainly white: whitefish, Peled da. And in the fall the upper Okunayka the city, and was producing small, but it is a valuable fish of toguna. But for the kind a fish and a helicopter to round up.

Not far from the hut that made stuck out on the lake, was built and was filled with ice every spring, glacier. There were kept the barrels of fish. At the same time there was a helicopter pad. However, the site is too small, but the sunset was doing over the water, over the surface, and here, on opechki, were paved once, hang the tail over the lake.

In winter quarters earning rickety shed, where rain, Yes snow was hiding stacks of firewood. There, on nails, hung a network, in order for the fish to choose from, to unravel, to clear debris.

Slightly to the side, closer to shore, there was a bathhouse. Guests loved naprushis, to jump naked in the transparent water. Whooping could be heard the joyous then far above the water.

All of these buildings, structures, all together called the base. If someone first went to Far, and knew, that will have to live on base, seeing the buildings, unwittingly fumbling glance over nearby landscapes. Tried to find the base. But, the first disappointment quickly passed. Any was fascinated by the splendor of the lake and its fabulous beauty.

When Yuri, a young hunter, visited the lake, had stayed a week, went fishing, hunted thoroughly, he realized that to search nothing. He fell in love with these places.

After being a hunter for several years, he has secured land, which included lake, transferred to regular hunters and went out on the lake most of his life. Summer and autumn often brought his wife with him, which helped to cope with the fish. We prepared to surrender the cranberries, and her neighbourhood was apparently invisible.

Winter was hunting. Drove around the sable gully, along the way collecting squirrels.

When is born Teddy Bear – the long-awaited son, the wife could not come to the lake to help her husband. Yura took a partner. And the hot fish time, he even gave a couple of people to help. So I letuale, mostly, three, or four.

Summer at the lake flew by. There was lots of work, the work is hard and urgent. Rest days are not provided.

And what’s the network cost. The fish need every day to untangle, cleaned, salt, barrels of cooking, salariati, Yes seal. To put on the ice. And then, by special order, and the boat, loaded the barrels, drive to the Central manor of promhoza. This means that one person in the crew less for a few days. Work, work, more.

And the closer to September it is necessary the top Okunayka city, – as if not to miss the main course tohunga.

And so rolls the summer, in the works, Yes worries. Quickly rolling like stones on the shore, skipping galloping.

Bear, the son, grew up, as has been said, “not by leaps and bounds”. Strong boy was raised in his father. Yura was glad his son was admiring it. Loved very much. All dreamed of the day when you can be the guy to seat in the boat. About how he’d show him the lake.