Recreation White lake
  Recreation "White lake" can accommodate 150 people. Guests – double and triple comfortable rooms, a dining room, bar, library, boat station, sports equipment rental, a summer dance pavilion, billiard…

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Aegean coast
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The Water of the lake Baikal. An ancient source of drinking water


Lake Baikal is unique in all the characteristics of a mountain lake. It is located in the center of Eurasia, in Siberia, on the border of Irkutsk region and Buryatia. Larger than some European countries. The length from North to South is 636 km From West to East to 81 km.

The lake basin shape falls into the river. It is considered that Baikal is nourished by 336 rivers. However, a number of small streams reaches one thousand, and each of them contributes to the filling of the lake. Flows out of Grand lake only one Hangar. Each year the Hangar comes out of the lake about 60 cubic kilometers of water, feeding and supplying clean drinking water to nearby cities.

From space Baikal resembles a blue Crescent. And in it is another. This is Olkhon island, the largest and only inhabited island of lake Baikal, in the shape of the lake. All in all, the Baikal there are 30 Islands, many of which have unique vegetation, therefore here should go and relax in the recreation Chara .

Baikal is probably the oldest of the existing lakes on Earth. According to various sources his age is from 10 thousand to 25 million years. However, the process of crust formation in these regions is not yet over. And daily local seismographs celebrate underground and underwater tremors. This means that the terrain continues to change.

The Water Of Baikal

Lake Baikal is a huge reservoir of drinking water. Its maximum depth is about 1640 m, average – 730 m. the lake freezes every year by February, but begins to melt in mid-may. At this time the water clarity and the maximum is up to 40 meters. And the water temperature by mid-summer, is only 15-18⁰C.

Baikal is a unique source of drinking water on the planet, because the volume of the lake (23 thousand m3) equal to 20% of global and 90% of Russian reserves of fresh water. This volume more than the volume of all five Great American lakes. For centuries, nature has honed the delicate mechanism of the ecosystem of lake Baikal. Unique microorganisms and annual natural cycles make the water so clean, clear and oxygenated. Annually endemics clean up to 60 km3 of water. In its composition it is close to distilled, and it has a very low rate of mineralisation.