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Recreation White lake
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A review about the Lake Chelkar (Kazakhstan, Kokshetau): Beautiful lake with healing water


In Kazakhstan, near the city of Kokshetau has many lakes. Perhaps the most famous is the lake in Borovoye resort area Burabay, but the other, not less picturesque lakes, famous less. Even we, living in the next area, the existence of such lakes as Zerenda, Chelkar, Imantau learned not so long ago, and when I visited them, were simply stunned by the scenic beauty of lakes.

This year we managed to visit travel on the lake Chelkar (actually the correct name Shalkar, Kazakh-style). were there only one night. This is the most beautiful lake in seventy kilometers from the city of Kokshetau, in aiyrtau area, drive up to it is possible from two sides: from the village of Shalkar and from the village of aiyrtau

For the first time on the Chelkar we were from the village of Shalkar, resting on a picturesque rocky shore ; the bottom of the lake in this place was entirely of pebbles, swim is not very nice, but the water is pure, emerald green.

This time we stopped at a different place and got on polypectomy shore, the bottom was sandy and in places muddy, with mud on the bottom. Of course, we seized the opportunity and daubed with mud. The skin after such procedures, the mud becomes so soft that I want without the end of its stroke. However, this dirt with a strongly unpleasant odor, completely washed in the lake from it will not work.

In the lake Chelkar salt water similar to sea, this amazing blue-green color, they say it has healing properties.

The lake we got closer to the evening, the water was pleasantly cool, but not cold, so we nakupalis plenty.

By the way, because the lake is under protection of the state, the entrance to the lake is paid, 180 tenge (about 35 rubles) per person;and, almost all the places on the shore are privately owned recreation areas, so you can drive right up to the lake we couldn’t do it, left the car somewhere for three hundred meters from the shore.

The lake is surrounded by forest of pine, birch, aspen; road to the lake (asphalt) is laid through the forest, cleanest air in the forest, to walk for hours.

I recommend everyone to visit these picturesque places.