The land of blue rivers and lakes
  The outline of the lesson on the subject "Man and world". Grade 3 Topic: Bodies Of Water. The land of blue rivers and lakes Lesson objectives: — to form…

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The Most dangerous lake on the planet
  The scenic lake Kivu, which is on the border between the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Rwanda, attracted the attention of scientists from all over the world, but…

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Big trip to Kyrgyzstan


After spending a couple of days in son-Kul, we headed towards another “pearl” of Kyrgyzstan – to the reserve Sary-Chelek. Sary-Chelek is among the biosphere reserves protected by UNESCO. The steep shores of the lake framed by the Tien-Shan spruce, Semenov fir famous, situated on the hills of walnut and Apple orchards.

Along the way we pass the Toktogul reservoir. A wonderful place for filming – but it is better to visit it in bad weather or in early summer (late spring).

And this is the river Naryn, which was constructed and reservoir:

At night we stopped at hunters Aibek.It has a small economy: the Rangers are allowed to contain a beehive with bees, livestock. Otherwise there is not to survive. As Aibek says, the wages of the huntsman is less than a thousand soms (less than 700 rubles), so the economy is very supportive person. Aibek tells us that previously, there was a highly developed beekeeping: because the slopes of the reserve is densely covered with cherry, Apple tree, bright and fragrant bloom in spring. There has always turned out the most delicious, the most Sunny honey. And no wonder Sary-Chelek (and its lake) so called, which translated means “Yellow bucket”. So he called the beekeepers hundreds of years ago, when it was extracted on the territory of the finest quality honey. Aibek regales us with his own honey and fresh scones with the buttermilk, adding that problems of the reserve, now the sea: for nature seem to be more negligent, the consumer. Here today graze cattle, cows and horses walk along the protected areas along the lakes. The territory we visit ZIL, Kyrgyz quietly mow the grass and prepare firewood for the winter.

One of the “pearl necklace”. Almost all the lakes we swam. The water is magical.

And this is the world’s only vertical lake!

It is one of 7 lakes, lost in the mountains. Trails along the lake is not in principle. The place is not totally nor tourists, nor photographers.

The same lake, but from the other side:

But such shaggy “know-nothings” was an invention of local residents wanting to save a bit on fuel 🙂

The second batch! With the safety net.

Morning here is magical. We climbed one of the stacks of hay, and Kate played for us on the flute.

And penultimate under the account of the lake:

But the main pearl of the reserve in front of you – this is the “Yellow bucket”, Sary-Chelek. Amazingly beautiful and little-known lake.

The water is very cold but we bathed and here, closing the circle. Emerald water. I still remember how wonderful it was to sit on the pier and watch the small nimble fish a few metres under your feet.

The good Kirghiz passed by the meditator photographer: “come on in, will be served later cold. “. And put watermelons to “smiley”.

And on the way back we again had to go up and down through the mountain passes of Kyrgyzstan.

On the way to Bishkek:

This yellow trailer for our big trip to Kyrgyzstan finishes his path. If you have not read the other parts to see them there, well