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Colored lake in China


Amazing Chinese five flowers lake size is quite small, but it is considered the soul of Jiuzhaigou nature reserve. Jiuzhaigou is an amazingly beautiful place. Autumn here is especially fine: the whole valley is covered with gold. Although the gorgeous scenery in these places is always, because Jiuzhaigou is located at the foot of the Himalayan mountains. Appeared a beautiful valley in the earthquake.

The reflection of the forest in the lakes is so great, what makes people believe that this is fairy world. Why is it so beautiful? Probably because the world’s most beautiful lakes. What are even unusual names of reservoirs: mirror lake, Panda lake, five flowers lake.

The Five Flowers Lake

Five Flowers Lake is located in the valley of Gizza, the South-Western branch of Jiuzhaigou. Shallow turquoise waters of the lake allow the visitor to examine the bottom, where lie the trunks of fallen trees.

The lake water flow down the riverbed Peacock, which is so beautiful, what could be the shortest and most beautiful river in the world, because from it flow amazingly beautiful waterfalls. About these waterfalls in China say it is the “Pearl Shoal Falls”.

Beautiful lake in the world in China

Five Flowers lake is widely known throughout the world. It is named so because of being in water colored algae. It is believed that they give the lake a different color, however, scientists still have not come in this issue to a consensus.

Looks Five Flowers Lake is just magical and wonderful. Locals say that five flower lake is a magic lake, connected with it many legends and superstitions.

The most mysterious is the fact that from time to time the color of the water in the lake changes. Often, the water is yellow, sometimes it turns to ink-green, but most of the time the lake is transparent, and diamond blue. The mystery of color change is still not solved.

In addition, the lake there is another unexplained mystery – it is never dry and does not freeze.

In the 1890s, when Jiuzhaigou suffered a great drought that dried up even deep the Panda Lake, but the Lake Five Tsvetkov is not dry.

Moreover, this Chinese multi-colored lake never freezes, while all other lakes in Jiuzhaigou in the winter freeze. Because of the aforementioned reasons, local residents stand in awe before the mysterious body of water.

Mystery and mystique adds to the fact that many locals claim they noticed bubbles emerging from the depths to the surface of the lake.

Fan Xiao, a Sichuan University Professor involved in Geology, has devoted himself to the study of the Lake Five Colors for many years. He comes to these places with divers, because I really wanted to find out the reason why the pond never freezes. His assumption that at the bottom of the lake there are hot springs that provide a constant temperature even in winter and compensate for the lack of rainfall in dry seasons. However, the existence of these hot springs has never been proved.

Whatever it was, but the lake is unique not only for its magical properties and beauty. The conducted test showed that the water in the “Lake of Five Colors” is so clear that you could see the bottom at a depth of 40 meters, of course, if it was so deep.

After much research, Professor Fan and his colleagues finally found a small cave. Search along a fault line has yielded results. Except this cave were found several smaller limestone caves. It turned out that the found limestone caves rich in stalactites, which are usually located in variable regions, their very rare to find at a height of over 3000 meters.

Scientists have measured the angle of the fault line that appeared in the earthquake, it was 45 degrees. It was found that five flower lake in incline connects the tunnel through which it receives underwater spring waters, long lake. After analyzing water in the tunnel and in the lake, the researchers found that the concentration of lime in the tunnel is 20 times higher than in the lake. When spring water passes through a limestone tunnel, it gets a large amount of impurities. White Sands, containing travertine, accumulate in the lake as Sands accumulate in the tropical coral sea. Therefore, depending on the concentration of travertine, algae change color. The Professor suggested that, due to the accumulation of travertine is born fabulous underwater scenery.

Perhaps the scientist of rights and no magic there. But even if the accumulation of travertine make the Lake Five Tsvetkov worthy of the title “beautiful lake in the world”, isn’t that a miracle?