The Secrets of the lakes of Savoy
The office for tourism of Rhone-Alpes, we offer one of several routes for an unforgettable vacation. This time you will find the main lake not only from the rhône-Alpes region,…

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Volcanic lake Yak Scrap
  Jack Scrap (Yeak Laom) is a volcanic lake, which is one of the most interesting tourist attractions in Cambodia. Also this place is the most beautiful in the whole…

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The Amazing lake near Moscow Kosino


Kosino, like most Metropolitan areas in the past was a village near Moscow. But is particularly famous landmark — 3 lakes with mysterious names Black, White and Holy. What is the history of lakes and their names? On this edition of know pisateli, journalist, Creator of the book «Zatanna and mysteries of Moscow» Irina Shlionskaya.

Historians say that this village came about seven centuries ago, in other words in comparison with other Metropolitan settlement it is much older. Spiritual letter of Prince Vladimir of Serpukhov, stores the entry for the beginning of the XV century: «And Metropolitan villages gave am his Princess … Kosino with 3 ozyory…» So, at that time in the village was a lake.

At the end of the XVII century, Peter I was a child and moved directly in Kosino his ” toy ” fleet. Previously it was located in Izmailovo, on the ground of his native estate of the Romanovs, but soon it became clear that Peter the great ships very closely in the Izmailovo pond and Yauza… the Petrushka was advised to look at the White lake in Kosino. Directly there on the East coast, not far from the estate Telepneva, located on Royal haven «fleet»… Later he was transferred to Pereyaslovskaya water lake with large sizes. But reminders about the visit of the shipyards in Kosino long was kept on the lake.

In 1717 Peter came in Kosino and donated to the local temple of the Italian icon from Modena, which brought one of his companions, count Boris Sheremetev. Later it became known as «Modena». They say that this icon was known outside of the village because of her miraculous powers.

As for Kosinski lakes, researchers believe that two of them bear the names corresponding to the characteristics of water. So, the White water of the lake is transparent, unblemished shores and sandy bottom. And has a Black-stained peat water, muddy bottom and swampy shore…