The Lake Ritsa. Abkhazia
  The pearl of Abkhazia - lake Riza . the most famous lake in the Caucasus. There are many legends and songs about the Ritz. Local people have long been…

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West lake (West Lake, Hangzhou, China)
It is located West of the historic center of Hangzhou; laid on him the dam and the island of Gushan divide it into five parts. In addition to naturally occurring…

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Unique lake

Scientists have found a planet 117 million lakes: the Most unique among them is multi-colored, salty and deadly

The total length of the banks of water bodies on the planet is 250 times greater than the length of the equator.

Estonian and Swedish scientists conducted a study, which was conducted counting all the lakes on Earth. According to a press release from Uppsala University, led the research group of Professor Limnological Institute Lars Sund. He and his colleagues developed a method to automatically find satellite images of all lakes with an area of at least 0.2 ha (about a quarter of the area of a football field).

According to the data obtained on Earth were found about 117 million lakes, covering almost 4% of the surface of the earth’s surface, the subglacial lake in Greenland and Antarctica was not taken into account.

It is noted that the total length of the banks of water bodies 250 times greater than the length of the equator.

The study was conducted in the framework of the project “Color of water”, which examines changes in the composition of organic substances contained in the water.

On the planet there is a considerable number of unique characteristics of the lakes.

Lake killer

So, for example, there are lakes, deadly to all living things, including humans. For example, the lake of Death in Sicily. Scientists who studied the lake, found at the bottom of the lake two sources which emit sulfuric acid into the water. It makes the lake dangerous to all living things.

Or the lake of Maly Semyachik Kamchatka, located in the crater of the volcano. Because of volcanic activity it has a high concentration of acid and sulphur.

The lake of kawa Ijen on Java island – the largest hot lake of sulfuric acid. On the shores of the lake are mines of sulphur mining. Over the lake hangs the mist from the evaporation of sulphur from the crater of the volcano. They are very poisonous and deadly to all living creatures around.

Most of the salt lake

The saltiest lake in the world – lake Vanda in Antarctica. The salinity of the water is 3500-4000 g/l. Lake Vanda is permanently covered with 4 meter layer of transparent ice. But the lower layers of the lake have a temperature of +23°.

Lake Assal of volcanic origin situated in the crater of an extinct volcano in Djibouti. It is located at 155 metres below sea level and has a salinity of 350-400 g/l. Around the lake valley, with saline soils and dormant volcanoes, on the shores of the salt crystals form a picturesque scenery.

One of the most salty is the Dead sea – a lake in the deepest depression on land at a depth of 423 meters below sea level. The salinity of the lake is 300-350 g/l. Mineralogical composition of Dead sea salt is unique, it gave the opportunity for the development of health resort, which attracts many tourists.

There are lakes that are unique in their chemical composition.

Lake of ink

Ink lake is situated in Algeria and is full of ink. This connection is formed by two rivers flowing into the lake. Water one of them contains a solution of salts of iron, the other – organic compounds of the peat bogs. Mixing in lake bed, the water of these rivers becomes ink. Despite its beauty, the lake is harmful to all living things, but his ink is used in ballpoint pen, which sell to tourists.

Asphalt lake

Asphalt lake Peach lake is located on the island of Trinidad, and it was formed naturally. Oil lies at great depth, it passes through the mouth of the volcano and under the action of high temperature do not evaporate volatile substances. So oil turns into asphalt. It is used not only for their own construction needs, but also export to other countries.

Lake colorful

There are lakes, the water of which is painted in the most unbelievable colors – red, black, white, crimson, yellow or in several.

So, for example, White lake on the island of Kunashir has milky-white in color and filled with a solution of sulfuric and hydrochloric acids. Volcanic gases heat the water to a boil.

And black lake Kakinada in Yakutia is a solution of soot, ash and grime. It was formed in the basin coal fields. This mine was burning for a long time, and then was flooded with water.

The waters of lake Natron in Tanzania is painted in bright red color and because of the contained cyanobacteria. From-for them in the water of this lake there are practically no living organisms, so it is called “deadly lake”, but here also grow their young flamingos, they make nests on small Islands of salt crystals.

Crimson lake in the Astrakhan region is painted in a pale pink color due to the presence in water crustaceans-armeti. Besides these crustaceans in the decomposition give the water flavor raspberry. The salt produced from these lakes, has a white color and a raspberry flavor.

Yellow lake Sarykol in the Chelyabinsk region acquired color due to the dissolved particles of clay.

While the Chinese Jiuzhaigou National Park is a lake Five colors. Water in it depending on the time of year changes its color from yellow to deep green, though most of the time it is diamond-blue hue. In addition, this lake never freezes and remains flowing even during the drought.

A few facts

The deepest lake is lake Baikal – its average depth is about 730 meters, maximum-1637 meters. Also it is the deepest: lake Baikal contains around 19% of the world’s fresh water. In addition, in Baikal there are 2 630 species and varieties of plants and animals, 2/3 of which are endemic, i.e. found only in this reservoir.

The largest lake in the world — the Caspian, which because of their size, even the name is the sea. The lake has an area of 376 thousand square kilometers and a maximum depth of 1025 meters.

Many consider the highest lake in the world lake Titicaca, located on the border of Bolivia and Peru at a height of 3812. Actually, there are lakes and higher. But Titicaca is the largest high-altitude lake, where it is even possible shipping.

The Alpine lake is actually a small unnamed lake situated at altitude m. 6891 on the border of Chile and Argentina in the crater of the volcano. The depth of this lake of ice water -10 m, the diameter – 100 m.