Lago-Naki lake
Lago-Naki is a mountainous area of Adygea (the Western Caucasus). Here are the Western glaciers of the Caucasus only a few transitions from the Black sea coast. In addition, they…

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Tour of Hungary, a unique lake of Heviz in a good price!
Attention! Information on this round is obsolete. If you are interested in this direction, please contact the travel Agency or try to find another offer . Hungary / Budapest Hotel SANTE.…

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A Tour around the reserve Jasper


The valley of the Athabasca river near the town of Jasper is much wider than the bow valley of Banff. Along the banks of numerous lakes that dot the valley floor and Hiking trails. The most famous lakes Patricia and Pyramid (5 km Northwest), lake Edith and Annette (6.5 km to the northeast).

The Funicular Jasper

On a trip on the funicular cable car on the longest track in Canada passengers in seven minutes to get to a height of 937 m, where the peak wisler you can enjoy panoramic views of the reserve Jasper . If you stock up on suitable shoes, you can climb a mountain trail to a height of 183 m.

Maligne valley (Maligne valley)

The name of this valley (translated as “bad”) gave the French missionary-traveller who hardly was able to cross the river at its confluence with the Athabasca river. However, the name gives the wrong idea about the valley. This is one of the most popular routes of excursions in the Rocky mountains.

Malinyi the canyon is up to 55 m in depth. It was formed in the place where Maligne river flows into the Athabasca river. This is the most scenic canyon in the Rocky mountains, which can be reached. If you are going on a trip through the canyon, I suggest you go along the path (3.2 km). Along the way you will meet a beautiful lake Medicine Lake. It is known due to water level fluctuations. Water seeps into a few holes on the bottom of the lake. When the flow of water in the lake increases, the water level rises. If surface runoff is low, the lake almost dried. Water funnels nourishes the system of underground rivers. It failed to explore. It is likely that these underground rivers are among the largest in the world.

Amazing lake Maligne is located in the ring of mountains, whose summits are covered with snow. The diameter of the lake is 22.5 km from Malini – the longest lake in the Rocky mountains. In the area of the lake does not allow construction, and it is possible to make only a walking tour or take a boat ride. For Samson Strait where the lake narrows due to alluvial rocks, is the beautiful island Spirit.

Thermal springs hidden in a gorge that runs East from the valley of the river Athabasca. It is the warmest springs in the canadian part of the Rocky mountains, the average temperature reaches 53,8 °C . The springs were known to local residents for a long time. In 1910, working with the coal mine “Pocahontas” was built for him on the road. However, the plans to build a luxurious resort in these places was not to be: the President of the Grand Trunk Railway was killed on Board the “Titanic”. With it were plans for the construction of the resort. Today, thermal springs built swimming pools: one with hot water (40 °C) and the other with cool water in which to swim.

To reach hot springs, you need to go in an easterly direction along the Yellowhead highway, along the Athabasca river. You will pass the lake Jasper and pyramid of stones built across the river, on the site of an old trading post of Jasper house. At Disaster Point you can see the salt licks, where the parts are toolstorage. Nearby stands a solitary mountain peak limestone – Roche Miette (2316 m height). A winding side road length of 17 km, leading to the hot springs, passes close to the former mine “Pocahontas”, which was closed in 1921.