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A Trip to Grenada

the State Grenada is in the group of the lesser Antilles in the West Indies. It occupies the homonymous island and the nearby small group of Islands called the Southern Grenadines. Grenada is bordered on the East by the Atlantic ocean, and West by the Caribbean sea. Its origin is volcanic, and the consequence of the irregularity of the coastline. Also Grenada is personified with coral reefs, many coves and secluded beaches. Inside the island there are mountain ranges, rainforests, waterfalls, rivers and beautiful lakes. Overall, the trip to Grenada will be most relevant for those tourists who are looking for privacy and quiet.

The main resort areas of the island are Morne Rouge and Grand Anse. Along the coastline of the state is a long strip of beaches, situated right on restaurants, bars and hotels.

The second largest city in Grenada – Grenville, located on the coast of the island with the Eastern part. Here the annual festival “rainbow city”, which marks the liberation from slavery.

From the South of the island are the beautiful beaches including the beautiful beach called Grand Anse beach. In the North there is a small market where you can buy fruit, spices and all kinds of Handicrafts.

The official language

English. Also common local dialect “patois” (a mixture of French, Scottish, Spanish and African languages).

International name: XCD.

The East Caribbean dollar equal to 100 cents. In circulation are banknotes in denominations of 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 dollars and coins of 1, 2, 5, 10 and 25 cents.

Visa and customs control

Arriving from Russian tourists, a visa to visit Grenada is not required.


Import of national and foreign currency is not limited. In fact, as the export. The fee will not be charged for the import of: 200 cigarettes, or 50 cigars, or 250 grams of tobacco. Including the importation of a liter of strong drink. Prohibited import of weapons, narcotics, ammunition, vegetables, fruit, meat, meat products, and samples of soil and plants.

How to get

There are two the most convenient way:

1. Docked in London in case of British Airways. Some flights include an overnight stay in London. And even if you choose flight without spending the night in London, still if you change the airport will have to obtain a transit visa. It is therefore preferable to stay the night in London, rushing to a connecting flight. The flight will take 14 hours without docking.

2. Docked in Frankfurt when selecting a joint flight of two airlines – Lufthansa and Condor. The duration of such flights will be about 13.5 hours.

Phone numbers

Tourist office of Grenada: 440-22-79, 440-20-01, 440-33-77

Ambulance: 434

The police and fire brigade: 911

Coast guard: 399.


On the island of Grenada tranquility of tourists are fully protected. The only thing that would require elementary security measures – not to carry large sums of money, jewellery and documents. To store them in each and every hotel has a safety Deposit box.

Despite the fact that tap water is suitable for drinking, it is advisable to drink bottled water.

We can not say the increased activity of the sun. Going on tour to Grenada, you should take care to purchase sun creams and glasses, impermeable to ultraviolet light.

Most beaches are protected from sharks and other dangerous sea creatures coral reefs, so swimming here is safe. Another thing – is absolutely not safe to swim in the open sea, where there is a risk to face any sea dweller, which can harm health. The more open areas rather rapid course.

To raise corals from the seabed is prohibited.

The climate in Grenada is tropical sub-Equatorial. The average annual temperature not below +25..+28°C. Conventionally “cool” here in November, December, January and February. From June to November on the island are rain and hurricanes.


While hiring a taxi, a boat should pre-negotiate the fare. Taxi drivers often cheat here, when they announce the price in us dollars. It is advisable to use the services of a licensed taxi, because they have counters that allow you to calculate the cost of the trip.

Kitchen and restaurants

The national cuisine of Grenada is especially notable African, native American and French roots. And since this is a rather bright mix of culinary schools, as a result it serves really amazing food. Are particularly fond of fish and other seafood.

In most restaurants and hotels can be found and international cuisine. However, local chefs can even foreign dishes to bring their own “national tone”.


In the reserve Grenada-Dove created a real “residence” of the national symbol of the state – Grenada dove. Because it is very, very rare in nature, nicknamed him “the invisible bird”.

In the Central part of the island is national Park, Grenada’s Harbor-lake forest and sports bar. He is the real crater of an extinct volcano. Buying a tour to Grenada, you should definitely visit the local Park there are several waterfalls, old plantations and lush tropical forest.

The lever is a national Park that occupied the most scenic part of the coastal zone of Grenada. Livery in the lagoon among the mangrove swamps and the sea is home to over 80 species of birds, therefore this area is considered a natural reservation.

The French built national Park, located around the crater lake with the same name. Birdwatchers appreciate this place for what it is just created for birdwatching, including migratory birds.

One of the best places in Grenada to observe and study birds in their natural conditions of life is considered to preserve La Sagess. It is located in the South-East of the island.


What to do

Every major attraction in Grenada relate to the sea. Mostly tour in Grenada are becoming tourists for diving, fishing, walks on the yacht. By the way, there’s some excellent fields, like Golf.

Souvenirs and gifts

The main Souvenirs in Grenada were textiles, spices, leather goods and carved wooden figures.