PT. Golubitskaya, Krasnodarskiy Kray, Russia - "Wonderful stay for a modest budget"
  Advantages: cheap to relax, the sea is warm, Shelly sand, warm sea The village Golubitsky my husband (then fiance))) visited in August. The sea of Azov was chosen based…

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A review about the Lake Chelkar (Kazakhstan, Kokshetau): Beautiful lake with healing water
  In Kazakhstan, near the city of Kokshetau has many lakes. Perhaps the most famous is the lake in Borovoye resort area Burabay, but the other, not less picturesque lakes,…

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Lake Big Toko and Ridge Tokinsky

Title: the Great Toko Lake (Monument of nature of regional destination of Khabarovsk territory)

Location: the lake is located on the territory Tokinsky tectonic depression. Situated in the Aldan highlands in the South-Eastern part of the Republic of Sakha, Neryungri and in the area at a distance of 450 km from Neryungri and 90 km from Khabarovsk Krai. Lake Big Toko is part of the river basin of Alhama.

Route description: lake Bolshoye Toko is situated on the territory Tokinsky tectonic depression. It is limited by the system konechnomernykh the ancient ice Kar shafts, which are a vivid example of vigorous activity late Quaternary glacier in the far East, which descended from the slopes of the Stanovoy range. Konechnomernykh the complex is located at 60-100 m above the lake level, and its width is 2-3 km. From the outside, there is a final discharge shaft, on which surface a great number of lakes with unusual shapes. They are surrounded by ridges up to 10-15 m.

The importance of the monument boundary destination: lake Bolshoye Toko has scientific value and is a valuable monument of times of glaciation. This unique lake. In its origin it belongs to the fault type. Its depth reaches 100 m. the Lake has a circular shape, slightly elongated in a northerly direction.

Around the lake there are spectacular landscapes. Lake beautiful deciduous forest thickets where they found shelter many wild animals. Here you can meet bears, wild reindeer, elks. The large and varied bird colony in these places. From the lake originates the river mountain Utuc. This place is especially appeal to kayakers. From high Current flows into two rivers — Idum and Mules. Despite the fact that the lake is constantly in the place of permafrost in autumn ice thickness is only 1 meter. In winter the water freezes down to 4 meters. In summer it stays quite comfortable temperature is 17-19 degrees Celsius.

Fishing at lake B. Toko is amazing. The water is so transparent that you can even your own eyes to see how the fish takes the bait. In the West of the lake is significant of the Elga coal Deposit, so the Bank can meet the pieces of this breed.

In the lake a lot of fish. Lenok, perch, trout, pike, whitefish — all they are perfectly together. For perch and pike is better to take lures. Fishing for whitefish and trout is by means of the fur of baits.