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Synevyr – the most beautiful lake of Ukraine


The lake is striking in its splendor and its surroundings – fabulous nature.

The most beautiful lake in Ukraine and the highlight of the Ukrainian Carpathians is lake Synevyr . It is the largest reservoir of the Ukrainian Carpathians, located in the upper reaches of the river Tereblya, in a picturesque region of Transcarpathia – Mezhgorye.

The lake area is about 5 hectares, feed streams it. The outflow of water is blocked by a mountain landslide, and the lake water seeps through underground passages, forms a stream and flows into the Teasing. Due to this feature Synevyr never overflows, even in the most severe floods.

The lake is located at an altitude of 989 meters above sea level, its average depth is 10-12 meters, and the maximum is 24 meters. Since 1989, in the territories around the lake was created by the national Park Synevyr .

Nearby, on the Black river, is located the only Museum in Europe forest and alloy . which presents unique exhibits about the history of the wood. Among the exhibits – wooden fixtures – bokors, which peasants used for floating on water, axes, saws and other tools, old barrels, bowls, shoes, clothes, residents who inhabit Mezhgorye. A similar Museum is only in Canada.

There is a legend about the origin of the lake and its name.

Carved figures of Blue and VIR are on the lake

In ancient times the mountain belonged to a rich count, and people worked for him: herding sheep and cows, chopped wood. The count had a beautiful daughter Blue.

The girl’s name was because her eyes were the blue of the sky. Once the count had taken the daughter to the mountains. While the father checked the woodcutters, the daughter was gathering flowers in the meadow. Suddenly she heard the sound of the flute, and saw in the meadow with the guy sitting and playing. It was VIR — shepherd. Noticing the girl, he stopped playing. So they met.

After that, the girl began to come often to the mountains to shepherd. They began to meet and love each other. But father found out and forbade them to meet. But can they live without each other. And then the count ordered to kill vyr. People count waited a moment and kicked a stone off a cliff.

On hearing this, Blue ran to the spot, hugged the stone and cried. Long she wept, until the place formed a lake. The lake water is blue and clear, like Blue eyes, and the middle is a tip of the stone.

Since then, the lake called Sinevir.

Now on the lake installed 13-meter figure Blue and Vira mahogany.

Actually the lake was formed as a result of strong shifting of rock caused by the earthquake, about 10 thousand years ago. Earthquake rocks blocked the course of the rapid stream, forming a dam. And the resulting basin became a lake, zapanovici water of three mountain streams.

In the Sinevir found a large number of trout of several species, but its fishing is strictly prohibited. But crayfish, which in transparent clear water of the lake is found a huge variety, one can fish.

Take a walk and do a photo shoot on Synevyr newlyweds come from all corners of the Carpathians. After all, the scenery of the lake is a stunning and extremely beautiful nature. And slender 150-year-old spruce on the steep slopes around the lake seem to grow right out of the water.

In the center of the lake is a small island

In the middle of the lake is tiny, just a few square meters, an island. It is called the Sea eye, due to the fact that it resembles the pupil of the eye. By the way, for just 20 USD you can swim to the island on a raft. But to bathe in the lake is prohibited. Although the cold water to this and has – in the summer it warms up to a maximum of 10-12 degrees.

The nature around the lake is striking in its pristine beauty. National Park Synevyr is a great place for mountain walks, rafting on rapid rivers Tereblya and Black river, outdoor recreation.

Vegetation and animals the Park is very diverse and rich. There are mountain deer, European deer, bear, lynx, wolf, Fox, badger, ermine. And about 90 species of plants listed in the Red book of Ukraine.

How to get there?

The most convenient way to get to the Resort is by car. First you need to get to the centre of PTH, which is 180 km on South from the city. From intermountain have access to Synevyrska Polyana village, and from it, a few miles North to the lake.

Public transport access will be very problematic as to Synevyrska Polyana village of Mizhgirya bus runs only once a day, so it will be wiser to go by taxi.

On the shore there is a restaurant and hotel, so if you want on the lake you can spend the night and meet the sunrise.