The End of the week: the Dangerous lakes and rivers
The End of the week: the Dangerous lakes and rivers, including Wi-Fi in the centre of the city and new routes night buses Now in some places in the city…

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A review about the Lake Chelkar (Kazakhstan, Kokshetau): Beautiful lake with healing water
  In Kazakhstan, near the city of Kokshetau has many lakes. Perhaps the most famous is the lake in Borovoye resort area Burabay, but the other, not less picturesque lakes,…

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Povetluzhye – Lake Svetloyar


In the natural Park of “Voskresenskoye, Povetluzhye” Svetloyar is a jewel of the nature of the Nizhny Novgorod region and Russia. This lake is called little Russian Atlantis: its history full of legends, a unique lake and to this day gives the researchers a lot of mysteries…

From school we remember the main legend of the Svetloyar about invisible city of Kitezh, gone under water with all its inhabitants, to escape from Tatar army. But Kitezh is not dead: he is invisible, but intact. And on special days up to Pacific shores from the depths of the lake came the sound of bells, and clean, clear waters of the Svetloyar you can see the temples and homes.

Interest in the Svetloyar showed many researchers and prominent figures of Russian culture. At the time the lake was visited by P. I. Melnikov-Pechersky, V. G. Korolenko, M. M. Prishvin, A. Gorky and others.

Now the lake is a natural monument of Federal significance. This is the only natural monument with a similar status in the Nizhny Novgorod region.

Rules of visiting the lake Svetloyar: on the banks do not cut trees, make fires, put up tents, litter. Also forbidden to go to the lake in boats, to catch his fish.

“Holy Lake of the Russian Land” was, is and will be Svetloyar for those seeking their spiritual path. For centuries the lake is a place of pilgrimage for people from all over Russia that demands respect to it each . who is suited to the waters of the Svetloyar. The story goes that the lake is not accepted to swim: it could be only the washing waters at the shore is so highly esteemed its purity (both spiritual and physical). In the second half of the twentieth century the tradition was broken, however, now there is hope for her recovery.

In the historical-art Museum “Kitezh” village of the Vladimir be sure to book a tour to the lake and its attractions are high – qualified guides who love their job and the Svetloyar, to give you an unforgettable journey to the walls of the invisible city of Kitezh. This hike to the shores of the legendary lake will be a real decoration of your home in a natural Park!

Attention avtoputeshestvennika: 800 meters before the lake is a large equipped Park, which leads to the Svetloyar pedestrian birch Avenue. Drive up to water transport impossible.

Ordering a walking tour to the lake Svetloyar on the obligatory preliminary agreement: +7 920 051 70 64