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Plitvice lakes. National Park, Croatia


Plitvice lakes national Park in Croatia. Its territory occupies almost 30 hectares and includes 16 large and many small lakes kaskaderskoy and 140 waterfalls, 20 caves and unique beech and pine forest, preserved from ancient times and having the ability to regenerate itself. In its territory inhabited by bears, wolves and many species of rare birds and other animals.

The Park is a mountainous area with the highest point at over 1200 meters — the mountain of Mala Capela. The total difference of level between the upper and lower lakes is almost 150 meters. The top lake of the cascade is powered by two small rivers Cyrna and Bijela.

Until the middle of last century the Park was inaccessible to tourists, there only have been laid down. In 1958 construction began on the walkways, and at the present time, in addition to an extensive network of decks are the runs clean trains, ferries and pleasure boats. In the lakes of the Park it is strictly forbidden to swim and have picnics, campfires and walking the dogs. Such a strict order due to the preservation of natural balance, which for many years carefully preserved by local environmentalists.

Plitvice lakes — one of the few places on our planet where every year produces new waterfalls. This is due to the local limestone origin of mountains. A dropped foliage and twigs of trees with Bliznatsi quickly covered kalapremi («Cretaceous plants»), which are endemic to stone and form solid deposits overlying the river. Water, gradually eroding such «the dam», forms new waterfalls. Lake Park is divided into two groups: Upper and Lower. The largest lake is Kozjak (Kozjak) stretching over 3 km and Proscansko lake (Proscansko jezero) with a distance of 2.5 km from the Main waterfalls of the Upper lakes are funny names for the Russian ear: Batanovci (Batinovacki), Glowacki (Galovacki) and Kosecki (Kozjacki). The most beautiful and famous is the waterfall of Sastavci (Sastavci), rushing water of the rivers Korana and Plitvice with a height of 72 meters.

The Park is also interesting from the standpoint of Speleology. It has an area of 20 caves, but of particular interest are the caves under the waterfalls. The Park is located on the border of two climatic zones: coastal and continental, so continental winds here are constantly penetrating damp sea air. The water temperature in Proscansko lake and lake Kozjak in the summer reaches +24 ° C, and in January and February the lake freezes over.