Recreation White lake
  Recreation "White lake" can accommodate 150 people. Guests – double and triple comfortable rooms, a dining room, bar, library, boat station, sports equipment rental, a summer dance pavilion, billiard…

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The Amazing lake near Moscow Kosino
  Kosino, like most Metropolitan areas in the past was a village near Moscow. But is particularly famous landmark — 3 lakes with mysterious names Black, White and Holy. What…

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Volcanic lake Yak Scrap


Jack Scrap (Yeak Laom) is a volcanic lake, which is one of the most interesting tourist attractions in Cambodia. Also this place is the most beautiful in the whole province of Ratanakiri.


The Ratanakiri province is located in the North-Eastern part of the country and shares borders with Laos and Vietnam. The population around the lake is one of the eight representatives of national minorities – Tampon (the names presented here are the phonetic transcription of the Khmer alphabet and a variety of sources, the names may vary). They live in five villages. The oldest villagers still remember times when on territory of modern city of Banlung (Ratanakiri) paced the tigers and other wild animals. Campany have their own culture and language that are fundamentally different from Khmer. Traditional houses of the people Tampon are constructed from four kinds of materials: wood base, bamboo walls and floor, the sheets on the wall and the roof and rattan into the ropes. Bamboo walls, as a rule, represent a complex, woven patterns.

Tamponi believe that they are surrounded by great spirits that live in old trees, rocks, lakes and rivers. Also they believe that the lake of Yak Scrap inhabited by spirits. Tamponi respect the woods around the lake, dense thickets of bamboo, wild ginger and ferns.

The history of lake YAC Scrap

The history of the Holy lake has many thousands of years. Then the eruption of the volcano led to the creation of this magnificent lake in the mountainous region of Ratanakiri. On the top of the volcano, in the crater, there was a beautiful lake with a diameter of approximately 800m and a depth of 50m. It is a round lake with smooth boundaries. The water in the lake Jack Scrap is always warm, even in the rainy season. Wooden edge make it easy to swim in the lake. The lake you can go around through the rainforest, the path will take you about 40 minutes, but during this time, you will be able to enjoy all the beauties of lake YAC Scrap.

Another attraction is a visit to the village. For some time you can experience the daily life Tapunov, buy Souvenirs, and also other products. Tamponi considered masters in the production of musical instruments and textiles.

The legend of big love

The Cambodian phrase “Yeak Loam” can be translated roughly as “place of giants”. Accordingly, the location associated with numerous legends. One of the legends of this lake, explains the appearance of volcanic lakes as follows:

“In ancient times lived on these lands the mighty king of the giants, who had a daughter of extraordinary beauty. When the girl grew up, she fell in love with the handsome young man, and he answered her in return. Their love quickly blossomed, but the beautiful couple were afraid that the king finds out about their secret feelings and so they decided to escape into the woods.

When the king learned of the escape, he gathered the troops and went in search of his daughter. His army were desperately looking for the daughter throughout the Kingdom, until came to a dense forest, where today is the lake. The king suspecting that fugitives could hide in the woods, ordered to uproot all the trees and dig deep. Soldiers willingly complied with the king’s order, but, in the end, exhausted their strength, and the king reluctantly had to return to the castle. In the forest, in the place of the fruitless search for the king’s daughter and her lover, left a deep lake. Residents called it “the space giants”, that is “Yeak Loam”.

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