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Amazing lake Ritsa Abkhazia is always glad to welcomes visitors and travelers


Abkhazia is a wonderful country with the local color, customs, mores and, of course, nature. There are a lot of beautiful places, which can be admired constantly. Many tourists come here from different corners of the planet to your eyes to see all the delights of the Caucasus.

Informative tours of the lake Ritsa

Of course, special attention is rewarded with the lake, which is located on the West Ladutska in the region of Abkhazia. Tours to lake Ritsa popular all year round. It is very beautiful in both winter and summer. In each season the pond is unique.

To get here is not very difficult, the main thing to have desire. The road to the lake is incredibly beautiful and it starts from a small village Bzyb. Local people are known for growing very high quality tobacco, also doing corn and citrus. The road to the pond has a length of about 40 km. the time of travel you can see many of the apiaries, where the local inhabitants produce very tasty and rich honey.

On the road reserve, the first tourists are met by a small lake. It is located at an altitude of about 100 meters above sea level at the foot of the mountain China. The water is crystal clear saturated blue color. This is followed Gega gorge, named after the Gega river, which here flows. If a little bit away from the route, you can watch the beautiful Gegsky waterfall. Cruising on the specified route, 29 km is located the Yupsharsky canyon. He samsite overgrown with moss and ivy. Next are the Yupshara gates. After the canyon begins a beautiful wooded area, well below the very famous lake Ritsa.

Most tourists come to this amazing place one day only, during the tour. But to feel Caucasian color and fully enjoy the local natural beauty, it is worth staying over for at least 2-3 days. Powerful energy charge forces and gives cheerfulness. In addition to the serene contemplation of the surrounding nature, you can go fishing – the local trout scrumptious and also to drive along the lake on a catamaran.

Excursions to lake Ritsa

Ritsa in Abkhazia ’ s an amazing place, perfect for relaxation, tranquility and reconnect with nature. After a colorful road that leads to it, you can watch the amazing scenery that many artists paint their masterpieces. Located at an altitude of 950 meters above sea level, which is pretty decent. It is surrounded by beautiful mountains Pshegishkha, Aihua, Acedo, densely covered with forests. The length of the lake reaches 2,000 meters and the depth is 150. Having such a decent performance, the lake water is relatively warm and reaches elevations of +17– 20 degrees.

Unique is the color of the water. In different seasons it has completely different shades. In spring and summer it ranges from green to yellow, and in the cold water dark blue. Here also are found a very popular type of fish-trout. Having a larger area of water, around a pond, creates a unique microclimate.

Lake Ritsa in Abkhazia – a very popular place. On its shores were cottages such famous leaders as Stalin and Brezhnev. Today it welcomes many tourists who want to know how was their stay. The building preserved crockery, furniture of the time.

Excursions to lake Ritsa is better to plan in advance to have time to visit all the picturesque nooks of the reserve.