Povetluzhye - Lake Svetloyar
  In the natural Park of "Voskresenskoye, Povetluzhye" Svetloyar is a jewel of the nature of the Nizhny Novgorod region and Russia. This lake is called little Russian Atlantis: its…

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The land of blue rivers and lakes
  The outline of the lesson on the subject "Man and world". Grade 3 Topic: Bodies Of Water. The land of blue rivers and lakes Lesson objectives: — to form…

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High-altitude lakes in the world


Having been on any podmoskovnom lake in the height of summer, I want to run from him without looking back and never meet people. Fortunately, many lakes in the world where you will not find mountains of garbage and drunken bathers near the barbecues, and the path to these amazing places will result in a breathtaking journey through beautiful places. We have selected 8 most beautiful Alpine lakes in the world, bathing in which is akin to a sacred rite.

Escape to the edge of the earth

Cultural revolution

China: extreme adventures in the company of one billion people

Like sacred mount Kailash, this lake is a place of pilgrimage for millions of people around the world. But first of all, Manasarovar is revered by Hindus and Buddhists. Pilgrims seeking to perform the rite of ablution and to drink Holy water, will rise to a height of 4557 metres on the Tibetan plateau. The lake is spread over an area of 520 square kilometres, and near its banks there are several hot springs.

Lake Sarez, Tajikistan, m

It is sad that because of jokes about the natives of Central Asia, many have started to forget (or ceased to be interested) the extraordinary nature of these places. Looking at this fantastically beautiful lake, surrounded by peaks of the Pamirs, I can say something like: “what do we know about Tajikistan?!”. It is noteworthy that lake Sarez was formed as a result of earthquake in 1911 and the name was given by the village was under water.

Kaindy: Kazakhstan, 2000 m

Of course, the rich for the relief of Kazakhstan in search of the lakes you can climb higher and find out there larger and more transparent the water, but there is Kaindy Kaindy. As you remember, sticking out of the strata of ice water the trunks of pine trees attracts not only divers, and wakeboarders like Nikita Martyanov.

There and back again

Murawinski lake: Russia, 2,800 m

Perhaps these lakes would be lost in the General flow of other equally beautiful lakes of the Caucasus, if not the resemblance with a human face, is clearly visible at a certain angle. Eyes — two of the most popular lake Blue and Black, separated by a ridge-nose. By the way, in the vicinity of the lakes already wander not wonder the surrounding beauty of the wild goats tours.