The Secrets of the lakes of Savoy
The office for tourism of Rhone-Alpes, we offer one of several routes for an unforgettable vacation. This time you will find the main lake not only from the rhône-Alpes region,…

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Indonesia. A brief guide to the Islands of Bali, Lombok, Gili, Java, Kalimantan, Sumatra, Flores
  Indonesia – the land of volcanoes and exotic holiday. Indonesia – the world's largest island nation, whose borders are washed by the Pacific and Indian oceans. There is no…

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Recreation White lake


Recreation “White lake” can accommodate 150 people. Guests – double and triple comfortable rooms, a dining room, bar, library, boat station, sports equipment rental, a summer dance pavilion, billiard room, sauna, swimming pool, sports ground, guarded Parking lot. Entertainment and sports activities for children and adults, parties, trips and excursions nicely diversify your leisure.

A balanced diet, favorable climatic conditions promote good health, cleanse the body from many harmful substances, improving the functioning of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems, stabilization of metabolic processes.

At the recreation center “White lake” includes a cosy dining room for 200 seats.

We offer the following services: organization and holding of corporate events, weddings, banquets, anniversaries, Proms.

Rental services:

In summer, guests can hire:

Of boats and catamarans, inflatable mattresses, circles for swimming, lastow for swimming, diving (snorkeling), fishing rods, bikes, balls (volleyball, football, basketball), tents (2-bed and 4-bed), tourist mats and sleeping bags.

In winter rentals available: Ski, sledges, skates.

At any time of the year offers rental: Equipped for barbecue gazebos, camping equipment (tents, sleeping bags, tourist mats, kettles, cookware sets), games (dominoes, checkers, chess, Darts), playing table tennis, playing Billiards, sauna, gym.

Excursions and sights of Brest and Brest district.

“Brest – modern” (program group tour-1 day)

“Belovezhskaya Pushcha” (program group tour-1 day)

The program includes a visit to the Residence of Santa Claus – a fabulous estate with numerous buildings and surprises… the Residence is located in the heart of Belovezhskaya Pushcha, which has a trough for the bison. The total area of the residence is 15 hectares. You will visit also, cages with animals and the Museum of nature of the NP “Belovezhskaya Pushcha”.

On the way to Belovezhskaya Pushcha additionally, you can visit the majestic city of Kamenetz tower “White tower” with a height of about 30 meters, built in 1276.

“Kobrin” (program group tour-1 day)

Tour of the city. The oldest Belarusian city (first mentioned in 1276), the Central part of which has been thoroughly renovated (in September 2009 there was held the Republican festival “Dazhynki-2009”). In an interesting wooden building – three small wooden Church of 18 century, the house-Museum of A. V. Suvorov of the late 18th century and a modern entertainment Park. You can also visit an ostrich farm, which is located near Kobrin.

“Tomashovka” (program group tour-1 day)

The story of the war at the beginning of the great Patriotic War at Western border of the USSR, monuments to fallen border guards and civilians in the region. Visit one of the sights of Tomashovka – the Museum of Astronautics, founded in the Motherland of the first Belarusian astronaut Petr Iljich Klimuk.