Is the largest lake in Western Siberia will become the reserve
  Two Federal reserve values will appear in the Novosibirsk region. One of them will be situated on the Vasyugan swamps, the second is in the area of the largest…

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France - Attractions of lake Geneva
  Nature has generously endowed Switzerland, and not surprisingly the fact that the residents of this West-European countries differ extremely peaceful by nature and complaisance. After all, when you live…

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Aegean coast


Marmaris is located on a Peninsula and washed by the Aegean sea. Turkish Ibiza – exactly call this city the tourists and the locals. This is the best resort for youth recreation space to be found. For those who prefer a more relaxing stay is offered Icmeler – a suburb of Marmaris, which is the whole dotted with small houses drowned in greenery and flowers. The symbol of the city is “caravanserai” – an architectural monument of 16th century built of stone. Here, in the afternoon you can stroll along the shops and buy nice Souvenirs to commemorate the holiday, and in the evenings arrange enchanting national show.

On the West coast is the city – the resort of Bodrum. Speaking of climate, it is important to note that unlike other resort towns of Turkey, here it is dry, therefore too hot here does not happen ever. Popular among tourists, the city must, first of all, the fabulous beaches found in the bays of Bitez and Gumbet. And all over the world, this resort was made famous by incredible archaeological and historical discoveries, including the tomb of Mausolus – one of the seven wonders of the world, the fortress castle of St. Peter. One of the most luxurious beaches in the world is located in the outskirts of Bodrum.

Fethiye – is a port city that was built relatively recently at the foot of beautiful mountains. For tourists wishing to find a quiet and secluded area, it was a good thing. Guests who prefer passive recreation tours, offers trips to the ancient 18th century mosque of Hassan Pasha Cezayirli. And of course, many go in Fethiye because of such surrounding beauty as Butterfly Valley and Olu Deniz reserve. The main feature of this city are Lycian rock tombs, carved in the fourth century. Of them the most famous is the tomb – Amintas, on both sides of which the adjacent poles, and climb up to it in four steps.

Peninsula Chamche – not just one of the most beautiful areas on the coast, washed by the Aegean sea and the ideal place for those who love sailing sports such as surfing and Windsurfing. Also, a huge number of tourists attract the tourist attractions located in the surrounding areas: hydrothermal vents, the most beautiful lake SPI, tobacco plantations and a large number of vineyards. But the symbol Cemse in the first place, is the ancient pirate fortress of the sixteenth century, which today is a restaurant and mainly the Museum.

Kusadasi is a favorite destination for tourists of all ages. This small town lies on the magnificent Bay in the Aegean sea and is renowned for an abundance of bazaars, pleasant cafes,restaurants and Nightclubs. In this area of Turkey is well-known national Park «Delek”, which is under state protection is a huge number of varieties of animals and birds. Very close to Kusadasi are the ancient city, Pamukkale, Ephesus, Miletus, Didyma, Priene, Aphrodisias, through which most of the guided tours. But the main attraction of this Paradise is the “Kucukali Kalesi” – a magnificent fortress built in the sixteenth century, situated on the island of Guvercin, which connects to Kusadasi dam.