High-altitude lakes in the world
  Having been on any podmoskovnom lake in the height of summer, I want to run from him without looking back and never meet people. Fortunately, many lakes in the…

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Lakes of Africa - lake Victoria, Chad, Tanganyika and other lakes
the Great African lakes — several large lakes in the East African fault zone and around it. Include lake Victoria, the second largest freshwater lake in the world, Tanganyika, second…

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Lago-Naki lake

Lago-Naki is a mountainous area of Adygea (the Western Caucasus). Here are the Western glaciers of the Caucasus only a few transitions from the Black sea coast. In addition, they are one of the lowest glaciers in the Caucasus (Small Fishtinsky glacier goes down to 1980 m) and in Europe.

The plateau Lago-Naki, and also attracts skiers, because the snow stays here from October to April. Lagonaki plateau is part of the Caucasian biosphere reserve in the interfluve of the rivers Belaya and Psichi.

Many people not once a year travel to this wonderful country of green mountains, forests and meadows, dissolved in the blue sky among white clouds. On Lagonaki has a unique opportunity in a very short time of being in different climatic zones. In one day you can visit Alpine meadows and broadleaf forests, see mountain plains and majestic peaks covered with glaciers.

On plateau Lago-Naki tour represented a unique opportunity in a relatively small area to familiarize with the nature of the Great Caucasus. For one day can take several climatic zones – deciduous forests from the South to the high mountain forests and beautiful Alpine meadows, to see a variety of landscapes – canyons, high plains, many interesting caves, thundering Continue reading

The Most dangerous lake in Kiev: where and why one should not swim


It is better not to swim: the Most dangerous lakes in the world

There is little that can be as fresh and calming than clear water surface of the lake. Beautiful lakes fascinate you and attract you, while the thrill of diving in deep, calm water is incomparable to anything else in the world.

Where in Kiev you can and cannot swim

KSCA announced the verdict of the Metropolitan reservoirs.

Kyiv beaches: where to swim in August 2015

In connection with heat a list of beaches where swimming is permitted, is constantly changing. In Kiev closed for bathing beaches “Venice” and “Gold” in Hydropark. SES which constantly checks the condition of the water at the capital’s beaches, updated the list of places where you can stay in the sun. The prohibitions associated with water bodies found in Escherichia coli.

Traffic police named the most dangerous sections of tracks of the Krasnoyarsk region

Krasnoyarsk traffic police named the most dangerous sections of regional roads. The list was compiled on the basis of topographical analysis of road accidents.

The fights: the most dangerous zone in the Donbass

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Tour of Hungary, a unique lake of Heviz in a good price!

Attention! Information on this round is obsolete. If you are interested in this direction, please contact the travel Agency or try to find another offer .

Hungary / Budapest

Hotel SANTE. 3 stars

Meals: Breakfast

The number of days/nights: 12/11

Number of people: 1 adult with 2 persons

Departure date: 21.05.2015

From: Ekaterinburg

The price includes:

Fuel surcharges

Accommodation Continue reading

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